General English 30+

General English course with full language immersion in Canterbury and London

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Business and Professional English 30+

For experienced professionals. Small and focused groups

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Courses in microgroup

A fully interactive environment up to 4 participants

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Legal English

English for lawyers either in London or online

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Individual English training

Based on your individual goals

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Full immersion English courses for your business and your career

  • A great intensive learning experience in London, Oxford, Canterbury
  • Courses for experienced professionals from a wide range of corporate and professional backgrounds
  • We know your time is precious, we optimise it in several ways
  • General, business, legal, medical, technical
  • Courses for young professionals (20-30 years)
  • Microgroups, individual training, Skype lessons, online courses
  • We know accommodation is an important part of your learning experience. You can choose between hotel, residence or a family

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