How to organise a successful business meeting

Conducting a business meeting might not be always simple. If you have to organise a business meeting, considering the following might be very useful.

How to run a meeting in a successful way? Take the following 5 points.

  1. Be sure about the points that the meeting will cover and about the goals of the meeting; this will help you to run the meeting accordingly, and to invite all (and only) the involved persons. Furthermore, in the invitations you will be clearer, and all the participants will have the right expectations, resulting in an overall effectiveness of the meeting.
  2. Invite all the people that will really be interested in the topics. Having more people than needed leads very often to a longer discussion, sometimes with a time-wasting impression. Missing important people, on the other hand, could avoid taking decisions or to properly discuss some points. So be careful about the attendees.
  3. Define the meeting agenda and communicate all the important details to the attendees: where the meeting will take place, the starting time, the expected time for the end, which information each one will need to take or to provide before the meeting
  4. Scheduling might be difficult when people are very busy, best would be proposing at least three options some weeks before. Sometimes you should reschedule the meeting for unforeseen of sudden reasons; in this case best would be explaining the reasons to the invited persons, and then proceed to reschedule; this could cause the meeting to become urgent, you could check alternatively other solutions such as a call
  5. Take care of the needs of the attendees if the meeting will be long or if someone will need to travel for reaching the place. Organising a catering for lunch or some coffee breaks during the day may optimise the climate, the time, the results.

Remember that an effective business meeting management starts with the early planning and organising phases.