Legal english 20 -30 ( Young Legal English)

For the young lawyer

What you can expect to achieve from your course:

  • Visiting legal experts: there are usually two per course, chosen to provide up-to-date professional input into the course. At least one will be actively involved in practising law.
  • Visits to legal London: a visit to the Old Bailey; a visit to the Civil Courts if they are sitting.
  • Speaking activities including case studies in legal problems and various aspects of the legal process; negotiations.
  • Legal Vocabulary: particularly legal terms relating to commercial law, contracts and describing legal concepts.
  • Grammar: revision of some of the most important grammatical aspects of the language, practised within a legal context.
  • Listening comprehension: with live speakers; by using audio and video interviews with lawyers or legal experts.
  • Negotiating skills: important for lawyers as they become increasingly involved in the commercial process.
  • Communication skills: key language skills used in discussions, negotiations, conflict and dealing with difficult situations.
  • Networking English: basic situations such as business hospitality, travelling, inviting, advising, apologizing etc; more advanced situations demanding tact and careful presentation.
  • Using the telephone effectively


London, Holland Park Gardens

Who's it for?

junior professionals (20-30 years) – Average age 25 years


3 weeks
(optional 4th week for TOLES preparation)

Group size

Maximum 10

Hours per week

24 hours per week


09.30 – 16.00 Monday – Friday

Entry level


You can access this course form a level B1 Intermediate to a level C2 Advanced



(3 weeks)
8 January, 5 February, 5 March, 23 April, 4 June, 2 July, 30 July, 10 September, 22 October, 3 December

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