Negotiation techniques: tips and vocabulary


Whether you are an experienced businessman which simply needs some refreshing or you are just starting to work in the field, we believe the following tips and vocabulary will enhance your negotiation skills.

For an effective negotiation in an international environment, your negotiation skills need to be supported by an appropriate Business English.  

  • Gather as much pertinent information as possible before entering your negotiation talks. You may want to learn about the other party’s incentives, needs, strengths, weaknesses and do not be afraid to seek help from experts such as accountants and attorneys.
  • Construct a healthy conversation, meaning paying attention to when and how you ask anything. Moreover, a useful skill in negotiating is giving time to the other party to talk and explain. In other words, listen.
  • Negotiate keeping in mind you will have to compromise, to a certain extent, so it is useful to plan beforehand how much you are willing to give up in order to reach your goal.
  • Don’t make the other party problems’ yours. When confronted with a list of problems which may seem as many different reasons for which you cannot get what you are asking for, deal with each as they come up and try to solve them.
  • Never negotiate without other options. This may induce you to give in too quickly to others’ requests. If you are not desperate, the other negotiator will sense your inner strength.

Here are some useful words which will help you building your negotiation vocabulary:





other options


persuading a person using other options

Counter proposal

the offer which is presented second


agreed by both/all

Point of view

person’s ideas/thoughts


giving up something in exchange for something else


To give in to another’s request